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Hydrocarbon Laboratory

Hydrocarbon Laboratory

In 2009, Scott Measurement Service opened the first of several hydrocarbon analytical laboratory locations in Granbury, TX.

Shortly after, in 2012, Scott Measurement opened another hydrocarbon lab in Garden Ridge, TX where both laboratories perform extensive range of analytical procedures for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. SMS utilizes different methods recognized by industry associations such as ASTM, GPA, API, IP, and UOP.

Quality control and quality assurance procedures are carefully followed in Scott Measurement Service’s daily operations in order to produce secure, well documented data with the highest level of integrity and accuracy that our customers can trust.

Scott Measurement’s hydrocarbon laboratory uses state of the art Varian and Bruker programmed gas chromatographic instruments configured with TCD and FID detectors with silicon packed and mol sieve columns. SMS Gas Lab has the appropriate calibration standards in place and are capable of running the following tests using GPA-2261, GPA-2286, GPA-2186, and GPA-2177 methods:

  • Chromatography FID – BTEX
  • Chromatography TCD – C6+ w/oxygen nitrogen separation
  • Chromatography TCD – C6+ Fractional
  • Chromatography FID – C10+ Determination
  • Chromatography FID – Extended condensate & NGL
  • Chromatography TCD – Liquid & Propane

Laboratory Overview

  • SMS Gas Lab has all Automated Sampling Systems for chromatography analysis.
  • All calculation and sample preparations follow the latest revisions of GPA Publications.
  • Each Sample is stored in a database program which allows for past history to be reviewed on each sample.
  • Import Lab results to customer database.
  • Each cylinder is steamed clean, vacuum pulled and positive pressure Helium placed on each bottle, unless the customer requests a different method.

Types of Chromatography

  • C6+ – Standard Gas
  • C12+ – Extended Gas
  • BTEX – Extended Benzene
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • NGL – Liquids C6+



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