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Liquid Measurement

Liquid Measurement Metering Devices

Coriolis Flow Meter

An application of the coriolis effect is the coriolis mass flow meter. This instrument measures the mass flow rate and density of fluid flowing through a tube by inducing vibration of the tube through which fluid passes.

Positive Displacement Meter

Positive displacement flow meters measure liquid by repeatedly entrapping fluid in order to measure its flow. Entrapment is accompanied by rotating parts that form moving seals.

Scott Measurement Service has the capabilities to provide our customers with all of their liquid measurement needs. In today’s economy there is a strong emphasis on crude oil and we have the products and services that will help all of our current and future customers with accurate liquid measurement throughout their fields of operations.

Liquid Measurement Services

  • BS&W Monitoring and Calibration
  • Proving
  • Witnessing
  • Crude Oil gravity verification
  • Crude Oil production close outs
  • LACT installs
  • LACT automation
  • LACT fabrication
  • Monthly LACT maintenance

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