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Quality Service For Over Two Decades

In 2000, our CEO and founder Ronnie Scott saw an opportunity that was created through his many years of working in the chemical and measurement side of the oil and gas industry in the Permian Basin that soon became the establishment of Scott Meter Service.

Scott Meter Service began operating out of San Angelo, Texas in the year 2000 mainly performing measurement services in Sonora, Texas. After years of hard work and dedication from Ronnie performing the field service and Patti Scott working alongside him doing the bookkeeping for the business, there was an opportunity to grow the business. By taking a leap of FAITH and trusting that our good Lord had a plan, Ronnie and Patti made the decision to hire employees to accommodate the growth their business was receiving. Keeping it in the family, they hired their son out of college and a brother to help move things forward. Jay Ellison, Vice President of Operations leads the SMS team in all areas and has been a significant and all-important part of SMS and its success since 2007. Randy Lunceford, Sr. Lab Manager, since 2003 has contributed many years of hard work and instrumental in the startup and fruition of our three natural gas laboratories.

In 2008, and still operating out of San Angelo, Texas, and with several more employees in place, we received a great opportunity to expand the business into the Ft. Worth area working in the Barnett Shale, which at the time was the largest natural gas play in the United States. With this opportunity, we decided to reorganize the business and this is when Scott Measurement Service, Inc. was created and began operating. Servicing the Barnett Shale opened the door to one of three natural gas laboratories operating in each of our locations: San Angelo, Granbury, and Garden Ridge, Texas.

Twenty-two years later, Scott Measurement has established success based on integrity, fair pricing, and good relationships with our clients whom we treasure and greatly appreciate.

Last but certainly not least, our employees have played a vital role in the growth throughout the years. We recognize each of our employees’ hard work and all their willingness to get the job done for our customers. We value the loyalty they have shown us through the good times and bad.


“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands; yes, establish the work of our hands!”  –Psalm 90:17

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Scott Measurement Service, Inc. Specializes In Natural Gas Measurement And Calibration Services
 Scott Measurement Service, Inc.

Scott Measurement Service are experts in their field that provide incredible service and care for their customers. If you’re looking for measurement services in Texas, these are the guys to talk to!

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