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Natural Gas Measurement

Experts In Natural Gas Measurement

In the natural gas measurement process, differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature are all collected, verified, and recorded, then used with AGA calculations to develop accurate measurements in the production of Natural Gas.  Scott Measurement Service has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry to ensure our customers are receiving quality service with well trained experienced technicians providing them with accurate measurements in their natural gas production.

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Dry Flow Recording

Equipped to Maintain Our Customers Needs

Dry flow meters or chart recorders were the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of static pressure, differential pressure, and temperature for a wide variety of applications.  The chart recorder utilizes a 12” chart that has been widely accurate calibration, even under extreme variations in static pressure and ambient temperature.  Scott Measurement Service is equipped and experienced in maintaining our customer’s needs for their chart recorders.

Electronic Flow Measurement -  Scott Measurement Service, Inc.

Electronic Flow Measurement

Industry Leading Technology and Equipment

Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) has quickly become the preferred technology for many customers’ natural gas measurement needs due to the simplicity of monitoring production on a daily basis.  Like other electronic devices, technology has made the oil and gas industry so much more efficient and safe that this technology is quickly becoming standard for the industry.  Scott Measurement Service currently maintains roughly 20,000 EFM units of all different types per year for our customers.

Natural Gas Measurement Services

How We Can Help
  • Perform monthly calibrations
  • Meter Repairs
  • Installations
  • 3rd party witnessing
  • Gas & Liquid sample collection
  • Radio Communication
  • Installation & Repair
  • Orifice sizing and coefficient data
  • Orifice inspection
  • Data Collection

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