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Automation and Installation

Expert Help For Your Measurement Needs

SMS technicians can install, configure, troubleshoot, inspect, and calibrate electronic Flow Meters associated with Measurement and Communication equipment. We can also provide EFM installation, dry flow, tank gauges, MVS, valves, and complete tank and meter tube hookup.

Automation at its Best -  Scott Measurement Service, Inc.

Automation at its Best

Automating the Oil and Gas Industry for Years

Over the years the automation services in the oil and gas industry have become more critical in daily operations due to the technological advances in the equipment that we use to measure, control, and monitor. Automation plays a vital role in the safety of our customers’ operations and how efficient one can be when performing a task. Automation creates many opportunities for producers to control their costs by adding efficiency to a task, monitoring trends of particular wells for optimization, and creating a pathway to enable alarms on equipment that will shut in wells automatically if something unexpected occurs. SMS has qualified technicians that can help our customers set up many different programs within a PLC that can bridge the gap in the measurement, control, or monitoring aspect of the customers’ needs.

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